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[100 Count] Disposable Poly Plastic Gloves for Cooking Food Prep and Food Service | Latex & Powder Free - One Size Fits Most Clothing Shoes & Jewelry

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Extra Strength Plastic- made of durable poly plastic that covers and protects your hands completely, these disposable hot gloves for cooking prevent any substances or solids from going onto your hand.

Broad Range of Movement- the specially designed shape of these food gloves allows you to comfortably wear the gloves and move your hands freely, with no restraints.

Easy on, easy off- enjoy the benefits of food service gloves that slide smoothly onto your hand, without tearing or uncomfortability. Easily slide them off and dispose after use.

One size, Odor-free Gloves- these food-safe gloves are odor-free, ensuring a pleasant experience while preparing and handling food.


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