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100pk Steri Stand Disposable Plastic Gloves for Food Prep Cooking Cleaning Restaurants Kitchen Hair Dye & Beauty Salon

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Disposable food service gloves for cooking cleanliness and safety:

- Thin for fingertip sensitivity, dexterous

- Strong, sanitary, watertight, and chemical-resistant

- Protects hands from mess and skin irritations

- Food prep gloves that protect food from germs, perspiration, and skin oils

One Size Fits All:

- 11” around palm x 10”H

- Large size to fit all

- Unisex Food Gloves Disposable Plastic Clear Gloves

- Pull off inside out, dispose of after use

- Made in China

Lightweight disposable cleaning gloves for light duty cleaning, chores:

- Bulk disposable gloves large size fits smaller hands too, easy on/off

- Powder and latex-free


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