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| 43' x 43' Sushi Rice Cooking Net/Rice Cooker Napkin/Sushi Rice Cooking Napkin (2) Sushi Plates

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This polyester net is an excellent addition to your kitchen when it comes to cooking rice. With its large size of 43'x43', it is perfect for cooking a large amount of rice at once. The net is designed to keep the rice from sticking to the rice cooker or pot, making it easier to clean up after cooking. Additionally, the net saves time by allowing you to take out and move the rice all at once, simply by lifting the net out of the rice cooker or pot. This pack of 2 nets ensures that you will always have a spare one handy in case one needs to be washed or replaced. Overall, this is a must-have item for any rice lover who wants to make their cooking experience easier and more efficient.


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